Thursday, 28 August 2008

America's #1 Retarded Brand Name

First of all, I'm going to discuss a brand name that has been grinding on me since I saw it advertised in a bus stop. It's American, which doesn't surprise me, because I'm British and this is the sort of stereotypical nonsense I've come to expect from our cousins over the pond. It could just be intentionally humorous and I could just be missing the point, but I prefer to believe it's not the case.

Trojan Condoms.

The ad was for their 'Her Pleasure' variant which showed a girl who was quite clearly dead. She was very pale, her eyes were closed and her mouth was hanging open. Trojan Condoms call themselves "America's #1 Condom" and claim to be "trusted for over 90 years".

You'd think in almost a century, someone would have pointed out that Troy was quite possibly the most famous successful infiltration in history. The Achaeans knocked out a sweet wooden horse which they hid in and presented as a gift to get past the gates, and then they bust out and slit up the Trojans while their guard was down.

Everyone knows that story which, incidentally is fucking ace, even before the shitty film. Trojan Condoms is as retarded a name as Hindenberg Airlines, Auschwitz Gas Company, or a Princess Diana Special Edition Mercedes with a GPS system that stops you from entering France.

And, like everything in America, they have larger versions, which they call Magnums, because every American knows how cool guns are. Then they have the Magnum XL, for guys with really big egos. However, they don't have a specific size listed, which leads me to assume that most Americans are poorly endowed, which means that the larger Magnums are roughly equivalent to the normal Durex sizes we have here. It's pretty evident that most American men are compensating with their 7ft wide, 3 miles to the gallon SUVs for driving to the office, and it also explains why Durex is only the second most popular brand in the US, with Trojan taking a whopping 70% of the market, clearly they like to be reassured by their supposedly larger prophylactics.

Not that I mean to make any sweeping generalisations about Americans or their genital issues.


DavyBoyInGravyJoy said...

On a related b3ta post of mine

Anonymous said...



Eyethangewe. :)

Anonymous said...

Even funnier is that the term "Troja" means prostitute/whore/bitch/hooker in Italian!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you British with your facile assumptions about Americans. You're just as fat, stupid, and poorly-endowed as we are, and you fucking well know it. Apologies for anonymity, but I don't have blogger account.

Anonymous said...

just to come full circle on this blog (sellotape wrapped food and retarded septics), it might be worth mentioning that in Australia they have a brand of sticky tape called Durex, which would make unwrapping up your meat feast in public something else entirely!

Anonymous said...

"Magnum" just means "more" in Latin. A double-sized bottle of wine is called a "magnum" because you get more wine, a .357 magnum cartrage has the same bullet in it as a .38 special, but it has a bigger casing with More gunpowder.

"Magnum" condoms are called that because you get more penis in them. It has nothing to do with guns.

Also, there's no humour left in insulting the Americans. It's played out, it's done, and the Americans themselves were always better at it anyway.

Anonymous said...

For all that Americans might be better at insulting themselves, they seem to take this post awfully seriously. :P